Beware of BT automobiles, 5th floor, HFCK building

December 30, 2005 at 1:02 pm 9 comments

For those who are car-hunting….please watch out!!!

Dear friends,
Take some little time to read my true story at the hands of the above named conmen. I know you are busy Kenyans but take a little time to read. It might save you or your friend a lot of agony. Kindly circulate to all your friends.
My story may protect someone from the agony i went through trying to acquire a used M/v from Japan using a local company.
I was lookiing to import a Toyota from Japan and being the Kenyan i am was afraid of sending money to unknown companies advertising on the web.
I found my choices limited to the numerous companies that advertise on the thursday nation quoting the CIF cost of the various makes of vehicles.
On a simple comparison I chose one company that seemed to be offering the most competitive price.
They were actually quoting $500 less than their nearest rival.
I called them up to enquire and soon was heading to the 5th Floor of HFCK building to a company called BT automobiles.
I requested for reference on people who had imported using them as agents and was given a few names mostly of people who had imported tractors.
After I noticed the well set offices and the smart looking employees I was convinced that they were above board.
After a few meetings with them, i managed to identify a suitable vehicle of which i readily paid a down payment of Kes 150,000.
This money was meant to be for 50% CIF cost of the vehicle and kes 5,000 for the IDF application.
I was given an order form that reflected the breakdown of the cost and the engine and chasis number of the car I had chosen.
I was informed that they would process my car and that i would pay the balance once the car was shipped approximately in 30 days.
After 1 month I started pursuing the documentation for the car and that is where things started going very awry.
On requesting for a copy of the IDF form I was given a feint scanned document of the same.
On close scrutiny, I discovered that the engine number and chasis number was different and that the vehicle was diesel instead of petrol.
I started demanding explanations and alot of lame excuses were being offered of a mix up.
My alarm bells started ringing very hard and i decided to start probing.
No sooner had I started probing than I received a call from the Director informing me that my car had arrived in Mombasa and might be shipped back because I had not paid the balance.
I demanded to obtain a copy of the TT showing that my initial deposit had been remmitted to Japan.
After a cat and mouse game, BT produced an e-mail communication supposedly coming from the exporter in Japan acknowleding receipt of money.
An insider managed to inform me that the email was fraudulent and I managed to discover that the email address was actually non existent.
I started demanding my money from BT with the threats that I would take the fraud copies to the CID. I was immediately paid back 100,000 in cash.
This money was refunded after another client had also made a down payment for a car which would never come. The balance of the money was to be refunded in a weeks time but delays and false promises started to translate into months.
After a lot of quarrels and near fights BT gave me a cheque which obviously bounced.
I went to central police station to complain only to be told that there was nothing the cops could do about the case.
Later I discovered that the owner of BT had very “good” connections with Central and Kilimani police station. 
The cops will not lift a finger claiming that it is a civil suit whilst they know that BT is a con game.
A little about BT. BT is owned by a certain Zachary Kariuki.
The gentleman is never in the office but is to be found sipping coffee at the Grand Regency and chatting with buddies at the Lillian Towers. 
The other Director is a certain Pastor Kangethe.
I hear he pastors a church in Ongata Rongai. 
The two gentlemen are hiding under the guise that they are born again christians to fleece un-suspecting kenyans of their hard earned cash.
I finally managed to get a full refund of my money after I cajoled, coerced, threatend and made a huge scene at their office.
Other people who have fallen under the trap of these two gentleman keep flocking and sending lawyer demand letters to no avail.
I pray that no one else will ever fall into the hands of this sweet and smart talking conmen.
Be warned. Please be your brother’s keeper and forward this mail to as many friends as possibe.

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  • 1. Anonymous  |  December 30, 2005 at 5:19 pm

    Thanx 4 sharing ur story with us…

  • 2. Anonymous  |  January 9, 2006 at 12:27 pm

    I must say that this is an eye openner…….. Komanyo

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