Interview: Uganda latest…on a see-saw….un-edited….

February 24, 2006 at 9:43 pm 6 comments

Kenyananalyst: Who is losing?
NMA (not real name): both
NMA: its 50 /50
Kenyananalyst: Who is likely to lose?
NMA: besigye
Kenyananalyst: ?
Kenyananalyst: How?
NMA: coz museveni will rig
NMA: definatly
Kenyananalyst: Hasn’t he already, the say?
NMA: they say he has
NMA: but tonight will tel it all
Kenyananalyst: Phew!
NMA: So u r a Besigye guy?
NMA: phew!
NMA: there might be chaos
NMA: i would support besigye because of africa
NMA: an ddemocracy and how
NMA: dictators should leave
Kenyananalyst: Interesting.
NMA: yeah
Kenyananalyst: I’m getting conflicting reports from BBC, Monitor online, New Vision Online, etc.  I don’t know who 2 trust execept for pple like u wu r already there.
Kenyananalyst: At least other frnds I kno there have echoed your sentiments.
NMA: but we pray that our Father above will protect us.
Kenyananalyst: So wat is it abt the current political heat that strikes you big time?
NMA: the fact that justice doesnt happen
NMA: besigye has majority
NMA: but he just wont win
NMA: i do pitty al the work
NMA: put into this gtreat venture of freeing uganda
NMA: but i guess the opotion will have to strengthen its forces
NMA: fo rnext elections
NMA: secondly
NMA: with the comin opf museveni
NMA: i thnk donors and worldbank an dkind will ration thier aid to ug
NMA: just like when moi came beack
NMA: back
NMA: so it will spoil for them
Kenyananalyst: Do you think the popultion is ready to stand with or against M7 if he is declared the winner?
NMA: he has the army
NMA: the army is museveni
NMA: remember he alitoa
NMA: obote
NMA: he has loyal army so what the population feels doesnt matter
Kenyananalyst: You ain’t reading the same script as other pessimists, are you?
NMA: why?
Kenyananalyst: Those who believe things can now only go downhill in Ug, whoever wins.
NMA: not quiet
NMA: museveni
NMA: and his army
NMA: noi dont think so
NMA: he will take cahrge and there wil be peace by force
Kenyananalyst: How has the country’s Christian leadership conducted itself prior to and during the polling? How significant is their voice in this matter?
NMA: christianity
NMA: chrisianity in Uganda
NMA: isnt what can matter
NMA: i tend to think in uganda
NMA: things happen in extreme.
NMA: trust me i am yet to find a sound church.
NMA: its mostly phanatical
NMA: hence
NMA: reson if hard
Kenyananalyst: Fanatical – jst wat do u mean by that?
NMA: its extreme kind of a thing
NMA: such as no putting trousers to church
NMA: and it cna be hypocritical
NMA: an dso money minded like teh nigeria churches
Kenyananalyst: Is that your way of saying “Pentecostal?”  I’m not one, bt I’m a believer, so u can lay it all down here 🙂
NMA: penteconstal is a moderated trype of christiianity
Kenyananalyst: Moderated – ?
NMA: henc enot what is here
NMA: that aside
NMA: the church has been praying
NMA: at least the fellowship I’m in.
NMA: moderated
NMA: in that
NMA: it steh grace of Gdo that rules
NMA: not the law or what religion expecsts
Kenyananalyst: Amen.  Howz the civil society handling these developments?
NMA: its confused
NMA: the other day
NMA: the artoney general was taking the governemnt to court
NMA: talk of confusion within a system
NMA: isnt he the governmnet
NMA: just hwo can the governemtn take the govenrmten
NMA: to a court ran by the government
Kenyananalyst: Yeah, that’s crazy (although one wishes that would happen in Kenya)……..I meant the NGOs…hw r they handling themselves now?
NMA: ooohh that
NMA: dont know muhc
NMA: And howz the average mwananchi taking it?
NMA: now
NMA: thats teh other issue
NMA: Ugandans are generally passive
NMA: some just feel its doesnt matter
NMA: or they have given up
NMA: while soem few strongl beleive
NMA: in either museveni or besigye
NMA: of course depending on who they supprt
NMA: trust me they are damn passionate about their leaders
Kenyananalyst: Are u saying Kenyans aren’t?
NMA: kenyanas are resonble
NMA: and politicaly mature
NMA: in that
NMA: they keep check and are upto date
NMA: further more
NMA: the media in kenya have politicals in one of its main agenda
NMA: unlike uganda
NMA: you are
NMA: aware that
NMA: romance, love, relationship takes up more than  three quaters of
NMA: ugandas media
NMA: to an exent ponographic newspapres are sold on the streets
NMA: along side well credible papers such as Daily nation
Kenyananalyst: Red Pepper….& Co…
NMA: and etc, so many of them
Kenyananalyst: Your vibe on Ug’s obsession with relationships is strikingly accurate frm my readings, bt don’t u think it’s overly critical coming from a woman like u?
NMA: Wmen r supposed to feel good abt such trash, right?
NMA: no its not
NMA: its a common feeling held by many
NMA: even acadenicainans read such papers in the open
NMA: the registra the proffesors
NMA: etc
NMA: just how do brains
NMA: of the country fall into suhc trap
NMA: i am a woman but i beielve
NMA: such content is scandalous
Kenyananalyst: Tell that to your other sisters around the world
NMA: hahhah
NMA: why the many questions?
NMA: I’m a scribe, remember?  I wasn’t given the powers to read and practice for nothing “-)
NMA: hahaha
NMA: By the way, do you mind if I share this conversation with other folks who are interested in election developments there and who are also praying abt it?
NMA: no problem
NMA: conditon that you keep me anonymous
NMA: museveni i sno joker he kills
NMA: so i dont want to be a victim
NMA: cought up in thier p[olitics
Kenyananalyst: cool
NMA: by tonight we will know who has won anyways

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Please pray with us in Uganda Mene, mene, tekel peres for the Church in Kenya

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