Mene, mene, tekel peres for the Church in Kenya

February 26, 2006 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

The Christian consensus in Kenya – be it in the NCCK or the Kenya Church – is in a serious intergrity and credibility crisis and, I’m afraid, few beyond those who gravitate around them are listening to them during these difficult hours for our country.
I have my ears on the ground concerning both sides; I’ll be the last person to celebrate when they advise the President / his government on anything. 
Only A FEW of them can advise the President on GRAFT / TRIBALISM without batting an eye-lid, and he knows it!
While crucial in the corruption, governance and review agenda / debate of our country; the Christian consensus in our country – at least in so far as it can be considered as such through its current crop of leadership – is a serious matter for prayer on its own. 
When some known clergymen can consider snuffing life out of their fellow clergymen or ordinary believers for their perceived loyalty or opposition to the government of the day, then we have a serious problem indeed. 
The pride of life and other trappings of this life has the focus of several of the men and women of the cloth on anything but Christ and the good of this country at heart in so far as the current corruption and governance debate is concerned. 
Yet I believe God still has a faithful remnant scattered around our country and outside it who labour in prayer, coupled with faithful and obedient living each day, often at great personal cost. 
We would be short-sighted to not see the quiet, sometimes painful revival in the Body of Christ in Kenya; God is sifting His people for new challenges in our generation, with emerging, young, Godly leaders within it and in various spheres of public life. 
As an ordinary mwananchi and as a believer with a fairly good grasp of the Christian landscape in Kenya, I’ll say we are not out of the woods just yet! 
God, in His loving kindness, will preserve and sustain Kenya not because of those who are doing some un-printable things in His name and convening seminars / calling press conferences to advise the country on the way forward, but inspite of them. 

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