True or not, the web is awash with such e-mails as this that someone forwarded to my blog…I don’t know the original source!!!

March 20, 2006 at 11:41 am 2 comments

The following are the request details:
Name: mehmet öztürk
Sender’s country: CzechRepublic
Sender’s occupation: Clergy
Sender’s comments: When a Kenyan living here in the
Czech Republic showed meyour online edition with
pictures of Artur Sargsyan and Artur
Margaryan who were claiming that they are heavy
bussiness people, I could not believe my
I know both of them and they are not related to the
Armenian President.
The names they are using is not their original name.
Sad that i cant remember their real names.
What i know is that both of them were members of the
elite Czech Army and they were fired because of
selling government arms illegally.
There after they moved to Turkeyand were involved in a
lot of drug and arms trafficking where the man
claiming to be Margaryan was caught and jailed.
Since then they disappeared completely only to emerge
in Kenya as heavy business men.
What i know is they are criminals who will even kill
to get money.
They are not Armenians as they claim.
May be they are using a forged Armenian
Be careful Kenyans!!! Mehmet Öztürk

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  • 1. jk  |  March 20, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    wow!!its amazing, but how can we prove it? a layman kenyan as myself is just left pondering and wondering where to find the truth. kenyans are tired of all this. who can save us??????????

  • 2. Kidha Kidha  |  March 20, 2006 at 11:28 pm

    My my my my… here is another story all together, where do we start from? they are Czechs, then they are not, they become turks and now armenians, aagh.

    Will we ever find the truth abouth these ‘thugs’? its all goes round and round like the story of the hen and the egg, which one came first? don’t ask me! liars must have good memories, why don’t the authorities try asking them the same questions they have been asked before.. who knows, we may find some descrepansies and inconsistensies in their response.

    By the way, how could they afford a cheap lie that they are related to the Armenian premier? it another case of taking Kenyans cheaply…. so they think we are idiots? Methinks these people should be jettisoned out of this country by the Kenyan public and we forget about them. otherwise at this rate they’ll deviate our attention from every important issue concerning this country. Over to you, Ndolo and Gumo.

    Parliament is opening tomorrow and we want full concentration on important issues, not these blinging thugs.


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