Phase 3 of responses to “The death of Satan”

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You made my day today.
I will choose to ignore the Americans and their Bush in this debate as they’ll do and say anything to defend him: I saw that with my lecturers during their last general elections.
But I will not hesitate to say that Bush’s policies, at least those that I know of (the international ones), are nowhere near Christocentrism.
To argue that the Iraq situation is a Christian motivation is a display of ignorance of the fundamental principles that guide christianity.
Christianity is not defended with arms and neither does God need lawyers (am not downplaying the place of apologetics, for I’m an apologist) to chant His cause.
He will and has always done it for Himself, over 2,000 years of Christianity is itself an attestation of that.
If the “Christian” Bush is is concerned about the spread of Islam let him resort to prayer and Godly living and not war.
And I think this is the point Jesse is putting across: that the so-called Christian leaders have failed to lead with the Biblical principles aptly put forth…and that some non-Christian leaders have done a better job.
The bone of contention is about the leaders whose policies, decisions and actions have raised questions as to whether they are indeed Christians in the first place.
These are the kind of “Christian leaders” Kenya has had.
In Africa, we have the Chilubas and worldwide we have the Bushes, among others.
The so-called-leaders were, in large part, elected on the platform of Christianity… that since they were Christians they would bring positive Christian change, only for them to add negativity to what is already a bad situation.
I am an evangelical believer and do not believe in an utopia BUT still much can be deduced from individual responsibility such as the Christian Bush causing the massive loss of life in Iraq.

*The writer blogs at Mapinduzi on various matters of faith. This was in response to the piece published on Christians and how they are engaging national issues in Kenya a few days ago by Jesse. The first and second part of responses by some readers to that piece can be found on this blog as well as Jesse’s Swahili one.
– Z.M, Guest Editor.


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Phase 2 of responses to “The death of Satan” The other woman that I called “Mum”

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