Scribes for Jesus?

July 3, 2006 at 8:04 pm 2 comments

One of the most profound memories I have of my student days across the pond was – while there – to have interacted with Gegrapha, a fellowship of Christian journalists under the leadership of celebrated American journalist David Aikman.

It was there that the joy of the feeble but growing Christian fellowship that I had experienced at one of Kenya’s leading media houses got a shot in the arm.

The media world is not easy for anyone, let alone Christians, all the more why I remained eager to stand with anyone who would be joining me in the trade for as long as the Lord lends me breath.

Some 11 years since I began writing, I can thank the Lord for some of the lives in and outside the media world that I have been priveledged to touch for His glory in some ways.

I also thank Him for other people in and outside the media world whose lives He has continued to use to influence my priorities and concerns in His world.
One of the most exciting things along the way has been to see the Lord remaining faithful despite my faithlessness and unfaithfulness.

It is in this context that I laud the start of a blog by my brothers and sisters in the Fourth Estate, – I pray all goes well with it.

I’m excited that here are a people who will be wanting to explore the interplay between what they believe in and the challenging work they do each day.

It does also seem to me as though there has been a progressive move towards increased spiritual introspection in the KBW family lately, – not a bad thing if you asked me:-)


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Working for eternity? Stop press!

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  • 1. Okong'o  |  July 10, 2006 at 3:01 pm

    Am I imagining it or is Kenyan media slowly, yet surely, guiding the youth towards a liberal and destructive lifestyle.

    One just has to open the Standard on Friday or Nation’s Saturday Magazine and come across signs that our Editors seem to have let loose their passions onto the pages.

    Pictures of drunken so-called ‘celebs’ half-naked or simply carvoting. Stories that glorify wife-swapping, prostitution (to save marriages), drinking etc.

    Sometimes I feel really sick being a journalist.

    But then I remember that jobs come from God, not men. It is up to us to try and influence the stories that make it to TV and newspapers.

    As Christians this is extremely challenging, but remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.

    What can we do? What are the first baby steps we can take?

    I do know that the Christian Church is one of the the biggest consumers of newspapers.

    How can this be used to make top editors understand the need to respect family values.

    We live in a world without borders thanks to the Internet and MTv. This is good and bad.

    Now more than ever we cannot leave the world to teach our children the right way.

    We have to show it to them and the first stp, even for those of us who are not married, is by trying to make a direffernce at aour places of work.

    Any ideas out there?

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