Village World Cup

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The Church-sponsored mixed high school I attended had male washrooms mired in all kinds of demeaning graffitti (mostly targetted at female members of the student fraternity who never used the facilities anyway).

A toilet I saw in a village the other day reminded me of those crazy writings in high school that often left some of us more amused than annoyed at the tasks before us in the few moments we could be trusted by the authorities to stay long in the gents without engaging in activities likely to compromise the security and stability of the school 🙂

The toilet in question also had graffitti on its walls, only this time one side of the wall was (and still is) dedicated to the Banana and Orange campaigns while the other was given to the new sensation in the vicinity…Portuguese soccer prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo.

I cared less about the fruity political nonsense as it is the latter that got me increasingly worried….you see, the last time we had such writings up in the hood, husbands and wives had been labouring extra-hard to get offspring to be named after someone.

This is the one village in which you will find several El-Ninos, La Ninas, Raila Odingas and Ronaldos (named after the Brazilian)…all of whom are fondly associated with some important local, national or international events that somewhat appealed to the villagers.

I left the village in question before the World Cup final was played, so I have absolutely no idea who between the Italian and the Frenchman will claim his pride of place in the hearts of the people there, but I got some shots of the local boys playing their hearts out one evening last week.

I enjoyed their scrappy World Cup…devoid of Mama Mia’s running commentary 🙂 …..what I’m not sure I’ll enjoy are the names of kids next time I find myself in the neighbourhood.









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