Mushir Salem Jawher should have known better!

January 7, 2007 at 4:24 pm 3 comments

Mushir Salem Jawher really ought to have known better.

He ought to have known that only three commandments govern life in much of the Arab world in so far as the Jewish nation-state as we know it is concerned.

  1. Though shall not love Israel or anything Israeli.
  2. Thou shall not love Israel or anything Israeli.
  3. Thou shall not love Israe or anything Israelil.

Attempts by the Daily Nation‘s Peter Njenga in an interview with the Beeb today to cast the incident in purely economic terms missed the point.

World over, folks and nations are still having to take sides in the never-ending Middle East question, over 50 years after the modern Israeli nation came into existence.

Few will say it so plainly, but it is clear for anyone who cares to see that religion is going to be the magnetic decider here, regardless of one’s opinions about God, His nature, character, attributes and the salvific traditions in the world’s major religions.

Muslims, at least as represented by international political Islam, have clearly showed some of the possible trajectories for this debate.

Christians too, as expressed in positions taken by some in the evangelical movement, have shown their hand.

Judaists liven this up even further.

There certainly exist voices of dissent on all these sides.

Those in the occult world – and they are quite influential in global politics and economics, – as indeed even those who profess no faith at all, also have their own road-maps for the fractious region.

It has been left to secular liberals and conservatives in governments and the media to pretend that the Middle East is nothing but a good foreign policy and national security issue, only fit for the occasional political campaign and periodic diplomatic muscle-flexing.

Not to say that there aren’t world leaders, interest groups and citizens who genuinely care about the plight of people living in the Middle East; it’s just that, like Mushir, most of them imagine that it is just another great one from Ego Trips Inc.

I should like to guess Mushir’s next big temptation will be equally pragmatic in its orientation (like possibly saying he qualifies to be a Falasha Mura owing to the many interesting ties Nairobi has with Addis…remember “Uncle Lema Ayanu?”).

One hopes the “investor” in him will have the sense to keep his options open, just in case Bahrain beckons again.


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  • 1. mushir salem jawher  |  April 16, 2007 at 10:22 am

    I think that people did not understand that to me it was not a big deal to run in islael the big deal was how i was treated after i ran there iwas embarased wolrd wide i was treated with no dignity and when a mistake happens what makes the difference is how you handle it bahrain handled the matter like i was i murderer or a rapist who desearved to be hunged .this was not the case when you jugde somebody or before you punish it important that you consinder what he has done in the past and based on that you will know what kind of punishment to give but if rush into conclution and make a hasty descition like b.a.a you stand to to loose. israel will be there forever im a christion catholic our belive is dated back many years to have originated from israel no one has the right to stop me believe what i believe . Given a chance i will run in israel again and again im proud to be akenyan and if kenya thinks otherwise the door is open i will soon be running for the holy land israel .

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