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February 19, 2007 at 2:16 pm Leave a comment

  • Ark of the Covenant – The Beeb’s report last week concerning what the Israeli government is doing regarding this contentious matter caught the eye of one of my Christian buddies, who takes much pleasure in delving into Church and world history. His current thesis is that the Ark is actually at the point of excavations; that there was a previous, secret attempt(s) by the Israelis to dig underground tunnels to access it; that it is going to be one of the hot issues as the Middle East question worsens (he sees no possible, lasting reconcilliation between the Judeo-Christian persuasion of the Messiahnic Second Advent and that of Islam’s return of the Mahdi). He suggest that we are all living not just in interesting times, but also borrowed time.
  • A journalist friend with one of Kenya’s leading TV station buzzes me on Sartuday afternoon, asking me to meet him at Uhuru Park. He is covering the essential reforms’ rally for his employers, but wants to use the opportunity to chat me up for old times’ sake as the many minions on Gumo and Ndolo’s lists make their noise. Several impressions of the event, but I’ll share just a few: Short of a miracle, there is no way William Omondi is going to make a return to bunge on behalf of Kasarani; it will be difficult to have a succesful opposition / ODM campaign this year without Raila Odinga; it will always be difficult to hold a succesful opposition / ODM rally without Raila Odinga (schedule handlers of the day learnt this, albeit too late in the day when they brought Muite to the podium after the former had spoken, – the crowds simply began walking away, Raila had to plead with them to listen to Paul).
  • A pastor is blogging in KBW. Dr. David Owuor, about whom I had blogged last year, is also in the mix (here for his blog, and here for his official website).

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