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State of the nation: A voice from the South

A few hours ago, I chatted up a Kenyan buddy studying in South Africa.  Excerpts.  

me: any new insights, perspectives frm d south?

Q:  messed up like always…. wannabes…

me: check that out.

Q: harsh indictment but tis the truth…  I come across more ignorance than I’ve evr seen across africa… they dont know but still display with arrogance their NOT knowing

me: Lol abt d south. forget not dat dey r d elites of Afrique.

Q: hehehe now i dunno which one is more absurd…. ur elitism comment or Livondo.

America remains a country of largely idiots… with foreign brains writing policy papers and doing research inventions

me: kwani?

Q: Now that can be called elite coz… they want to live well but know that they can’t produce the thinking to sustain such a lifestyle… so they import every available thinker they can get….. SA is in the same situation only different that they are chasing away the same thinkers…. so that BEE is going to achieve a class of comsuming well paid idiots with BIG offices and No production in any sector….

me: uhmn, interesting views there.

Q: uc security for example… now they are calling upon Boer vigilantes (former boer security servicemen with private security companies) to help them fight crime… how absurd… while they employed thousands of ba=lack empowerment SAns to do the job n failed

me: sungu sungu , angola na msumbiji, taliban, mungiki, baghdad boys..i mean, i thot that was only our preserve [nose smile]

Q: I’ll give u an example I know DOctor friend a man veru good at his stuff…. a job was advertised for 7months YES SEVEN months… they never got anyone (BLACK then White) qualified enough to take it… and ignored his application for 7months.. suddenly they call him4 an interview n offer him… 28K…

do u know how peanuts that is for a PHD…. diplomas earn 22k… he felt insulted and the entire faculty agreed

he was gonna be haed of dept, trainer, the groom two deputies who wld take from him.. meanwhile they wld earn more than hi @40k each

me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Q: now uc that… every time i meet SAns the first querry is when ru going back home….. some are even blunt… since you guys came here we dont get (he means we are not given) degrees the way we used to… coz we simply raised the bar a little higher…..

so they flunk then they blame it on foreigners

me: uhmn.

makwerekwere, right?

Q: men …. yup… now at that rate since they are not investing on research n production of new tech by foreigners and very few locals mostly white that do that… they are going to be held hostage.. apartheid continues only this time round its CONSUMERISM AND INTELLECTUALL PROPERTY

me: uhmn.

Q: 4the first time u remember the NRF scholarships i sent u… they were unable to get locals(black preferably) interested in research to do it so… they are chasing the theme too late

me: OMG

wat went wrong with the revolution?

Where did d ran start beating them?

N wat happened to the black empowerment prog?

Q: mmmmmm….. when i got nrf was for SA by SA of SA…

mostly BEE the black empowerment act… good intentions but the devil is always in the implemetation… ask comrade Marx and Engeles

me: lol

Q: Comrade Lenin, didn’t know what to do with a wonderful document like that

Q: BEE largely is interpreted by locals to mean they ahve a right of way in EVERYTHING… so they expect to get a job, pass exams, earn more money, live well without trying as hard….

4da 1st time in my life i’ve seen men with balls buying a loaf of bread and underwear on credit…..


me: lol

Hire purchase?

Q: whatever you call it… the banks have made it easier.. now meanwhile the acquisition of companies BEE=30%… now thats wher they have been shortchanged thoruoghly… ramaphosa, sexwale et al… just float the idea then raise money from small boys who sink all their life savings .. come out with nothing while the sharks plus whities smile all the way to FNB

Both ways in Engineering-speak.. THEY HAVE BEEN SCREWED


me: uhmn. thx. bye.


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“How Gambian President Cures AIDS on Thursdays”

Gathara it is who got this debate going a few weeks ago, based on some eye-catching piece from the good old Beeb.

I have been in discussions with a pastor friend from the country, and he has some very interesting things to say about the episode.

David*, from the Jola community (the tribe from which the President reportedly also hails) tells me that the Head of State’s healing powers are every inch demonic.

He says the President is deeply involved in some occultic movement, whose power to change people’s material and spiritual conditions has strongly enhanced his hold on the country’s politics.

He further says the occult has followers all over the continent, and that a symposium of sorts is in the pipeline mid this year in the President’s home town / village, where representatives from each African country (including our very own Kenya) will converge.

“It is a celebration of the powers they have.  They also conduct competitive demos, to show who among them can outwit the other in affecting natural phenomena in supernatural ways. Crazy things happen in Gambia during such symposia,” he said.

He said Christians in the Gambia are not taking these matters lightly, and are currently involved in concerted prayers against both the President and the powers behind him.

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