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Quakes to hit Nairobi, says Owuor

I blogged about him and the message he bore early last year. He says due to Kenyan Church leaders’ stubbornness, oppression of the poor, defilement of the altar and the nation, God’s patience is fast running out with Kenya and His judgement is hanging in the air and soon coming. Here I reproduce bits of my notes (not in any specific order) from a press conference he held earlier today.

  • When God sent me to Kenya, He specifically asked me to address the Church.
  • There is immense sexual immorality in the Church, involving bishops, pastors, worship leaders and members of the congregation.
  • There’s much love for money and wealth in the Church, with an increase in the panda mbegu gospel.
  • Church leaders have bared their love for the trappings of this world by immersing themselves into the country’s politics.
  • The Lord spoke to me on February 10th, 2007, saying very clearly that there is going to be a massive earthquake in Nairobi.
  • The Church has detoured from God’s will; the turn is Satanic, not for Christ.
  • The Church in Kenya was at the forefront in fighting the message of repentance in the 2 years I was here; it even used its contacts and networks to block the country’s leadership from repentance.
  • A massive earthquake is going to hit Nairobi as a consequence of that.
  • New Orleans fell because of sexual immorality, witchcraft from Haiti, etc.
  • God is going to plough through thiscity, including such areas as the University of Nairobi.
  • I can see 3 military helicopters flying to the rescue of injured people in the city, I see people digging through rubble for loved ones as was the case along Ronald Ngala Street a while back.
  • The altar of the Lord has been defiled. The Church in the country has served and worshipped another god, especially the Church in Nairobi. Bishops and pastors here have loved money more than they have loved Jesus. Rwanda was warned about such things too before tragedy befell it.
  • The God of the Bible is holy and has a zero tolerance for sin.
  • Defilement of the altar has angered God; it has riled up Him.
  • Your economy will be destroyed. Your public health sector will be affected too. The smell of death is here.
  • Fear Him and return to Him. Stop this panda hapa, upate hapa gospels without holiness.
  • The Church in this country has no moral authority to lead; it has become completely irrelevant.
  • The Church is the light of the world, but it has brought darkness to this country.
  • This is an approved judgement from the Lord – on the land that bears the name of Kenya.
  • He who keeps your city will not keep it anymore.
  • The earthquake is going to happen very soon.
  • Animal sicknesses and illnesses will increase – including TB – so as to catch your attention and need for the Lord. You are a country that loves meat. Those who rely on livestock for livelihood will also have to think about God.
  • There are false prophets in this country.
  • There is gravity to every word I’m speaking today.
  • Ye that wander around in this city – you needholiness; you’ve failed to be a role model.
  • Kenya is a nation so much in need of direction from the Lord.
  • Your bishops love sex, money, business, etc. Some have abandoned ministry of the gospel for politics: Which is the greater calling?
  • In the process of leading this nation and Church to repentance, greatest opposition has come from Church leaders.
  • Some of your buildings will be destroyed.
  • Lots of prostitution going all over Nairobi.
  • We are ripe for judgement now.
  • There’s much murder in this country. You can be kiled for anything.
  • Pastors and bishops are busy building their own empires, not God’s Kingdom.
  • The earthquake will impact on your economy, civil structure, etc.
  • You will have to repent, – matters less whether it will come before or after the quake.
  • Only God has preserved this country and made it great. Refugees from al over Africa flock here. Kenya was an island of peace in a sea of turbulence. Kenya has abused the protection and custodianship God had bestowed upon it.
  • The Lord is coming bac, where you like it or not.
  • Since many bishops and pastors are defiled, God is going to raise up a new leadership for His Church.
  • Religious parties – This is not the way of the Lord to raise leadership for a nation.
  • Repentance is the only way for us to be in the will of God.
  • Rift Valley Fever – The Lord is taking away meat from your tables for you to return to Him. Those who rear livestock will have to return to Him.
  • Anglican and Catholic proposed merger – This is apostacy. It is a falling away from the faith.
  • This message of repentance has not been v. popular with bishops and pastors because it touches on their personal empires.
  • It will be folly to dismiss what I am saying today.
  • Clergymen should ead this country back to God.
  • The quake will come because repentance hasn’t been one as He expected, and also to prove that indeed He had sent me.
  • I have been here for two years now; He is calling me to move on to India now.

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