Miseducating the Negro, Zim, Kenya

March 23, 2007 at 8:54 pm 3 comments

I was at my alma mater part of today to help mentor some undergrads on the occasion of its academic week.  The student leadership had organized for some of the institution’s alumni for this purpose and invited PLO to give the keynote address.  I was part of the alumni team, which also included folks from OP (yeah, that high), the media, the ICT industry, etcetras.  There was also an alumnus from Zimbabwe. Memorable rants / thoughts: 

1.  PLO – I had never listened to him at close range.  This guy is good and deep. He began by telling off Citizen radio..which reportedly played clips of an address he gave jana…both in Swa n’ English…before some presenter complained how hard it was to understand him.  The guy said leo that if someone is mediocre in the English language, he should not expect him (PLO) to lower his standards just so as to be at his level.  Spoke off-head for almost 45 minutes on a wide range of issues and from diverse fields of knowledge, quoting liberally and faithfully from the Bible, Quran, etc.  He has a capacity to annoy, and he succeeded in doing just that today.  Lambasted:

  • Kenyan / African varsities for teaching economics the Western world ceased toying around with 100 years ago.
  • The same institutions for having professors who have published nothing, not even an article.  Said the much they deserve is assistant lectureships.
  • Kenyan / African leadership for flocking to the UK / West for medication (colds, broken legs, etc) over 40 years after the country’s / continent’s independence.
  • Kenya for nationalizing its railway system at independence, only to give it away recently owing to its inability to manage it profitably.
  • Kenya for trainning thousands of engineers, yet still has no decent road network to talk about.
  • Vintage PLO went on and on…

All in all, it was a study in how to get annoyed, and he appeard to have succeeded in that going by what I witnessed on the part of the audience.

2. Alumni rants – After we were done with PLO n’ the students, we (the alumni) retreated to our office at the campus for a little catch-up n’ some siasa.  Ok, no specific attributions here for who said what but here are tips of what was said:

  •  “We make a mistake by calling Kibaki a transitional President.  He is not.  Look, he is merely the president of a nation in transition.  Let’s be fair to the man.”
  • “Mutua declined to comment on Zimbabwe yesterday allegedly because Kenya is not into conducting its diplomacy through the media. But the heart of the matter is that we have no foreign policy to talk about at all.  And that is one reason why I’m not going to vote for Kalonzo. Kwani what was he doing all those years?”
  • “No, no, that is one foolish way to think about the Zimbabwean question.  You can’t assasinate Mugabe, no, you won’t succeed.  That guy is always two-steps ahead of everyone.  You won’t solve Zimbabwe’s issues that way.  People will just suffer more.”
  • “The world does not understand the real Mugabe.  He is a grand, ruthless schemer.  He thinks through everything he wants to do wel ahead of time.  He has killed people he has perceived to be his rivals throughout his life and political career.  He sees far and prepares for it in every way. There are serious human rights issues here, but few see it that way.”
  • “The Shona-Ndebele question is too sensitive. Let’s not go into that.”
  • “There is no government in the part of Kenya from which I come.  I am what I am today mainly because of the Catholic Church and its work in my district.  Hatuna serikali huko, so stop puling wool over our eyes eti oh, the government has done this, the government has done that, where is the government?”
  • “No, you cannot be a life-President in Kenya.  No, we are too wise for that. We won’t allow anyone to do that. No, not this generation.”
  • “Nigerians prayed about Abacha and God answered.  Zimbabweans should also keep on praying.”

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“Nyagah, Muturi going nowhere” Healthy crusader journalism, kudos Standard

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  • 1. willie  |  February 15, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    you are a crazy guy..

  • 2. KenyanGal  |  February 15, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Your analysis is quite hilarious.

    The problem you present about Kenya’s system are true. So of ten you hear ministers going to hospital in London for treatment yet purport to care about the economy.

    Being a visiting Kenyan professor to western universities must really be hard.

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