Gaddafi, Raila and Jesus

April 2, 2007 at 12:10 pm 9 comments

Crucifixion or crucifiction? 

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has a very interesting view of history.

You will have to read his recently published views on Islam and Christianity as well as the attendant debate to make up your mind on that.

Raila: What would Jesus do with him?

Moving on, Sunday came to us with the news that Lang’ata MP and ODM-K presidential hopeful Hon. Raila Odinga had apparently put his faith in Jesus Christ (read the story in Kenya Times, The Standard, and the Daily Nation).

I would have dismissed this as another great one from April Fools’ Day Inc., were it not for a few thoughts:

  • I had never known Mr. Odinga to be overly spiritual, apart from the fact he once confessed to having read both the Bible and Koran from cover-to-cover while in detention and his sometimes well-couched Biblical imageries in political rhetoric.
  • There had been suggestions that Mr. Odinga was Anglican some, but even so much more inclined towards African traditional religion and syncretic atheism than the Gentleman of Galilee.
  • A few years ago, word in some Christian circles was that Ida (Odinga’s wife) had converted to faith and was egging her hubby on towards the same for purely spiritual reasons (and not the political ones NTV appeard to suggest in its prime newscast last night).

I cannot claim to have Odinga’s spiritual barometer, but I sometimes can’t help thinking he is the closest we have come to a high-ranking politician who seemingly wants to dare his spirituality nakedly in the public square in the face of possible, even warped, myriad interpretations of the same.

The archetypal, suffering and forgiving Raila will no doubt resonate with some this Passover, – he has paid the price, hasn’t he?

The conniving, scheming Raira will also remain on the minds of some during the same time, – surely Jesus cannot be Lord and saviour over this Jaruo, or can he?

It will also put to test prophecies in some Christian circles suggesting that Raila’s rival for the ODM-K presidential ticket, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka, is God’s annointed for Kenya in this year’s General Elections owing to his Christian background.


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  • 1. One who has Jaruo friends  |  April 2, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    Would it not be great if the man Raira (as you so aptly call him) truly trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ? Then, hopefully, like Paul, he would put his immerse energy to the service of the Gospel. Imagine, if this jaruo that so many Jaruos trust could bring more Jaruos to Christ? Imagine! He would have done the world and kenya, more good than he would have done as a kenyan Leader. Ama, people?

    KA, perhaps your prayers (and that of many others) are working

    Ati one KM being anointed/Chosen:
    -i do not know about that, for i have never asked the Lord, nor sought to know who he has chosen. Given our society, with very little possibility of unity even among the christians, i think it is not wise to delve in such matters. Guys remember that there are those who believe Moi was God chosen, and also that Kibaki is God chosen and George Bush is God chosen ( i have lost friends when i insinuated that George Bush is not a practising Christian), even the Krauts believed Hitler was God chosen.
    – i really doubt KM christianity: reasons:
    –a true christian does not remain silent when He sees evil
    — a true christian does not help advance an evil system(which surely KM did)

    KA, this is nice : I did not know about “Jaruo can be saved” part. I always heard: “A kikuyu can never be truly saved”

    I believe there must be those (even among christians) who still believe and say “The Total man can never be saved”. Personally i would not be surprised if i met Total man in heaven, would you?

  • 2. KA  |  April 3, 2007 at 7:07 am

    One who has Jaruo friends: A careful reading of the post will have let you know that it was compiled with both Railamaniacs (those who genuinely identify with his political journey and struggles) and Railaphobes (those who view him through their tribal lenses) in mind. Obviously, you’ve made your pick. Thanks for reading.

  • 3. Mapinduzi  |  April 3, 2007 at 9:04 am

    I don’t doubt the fact that the Blood of Jesus saves and save kabisa. anything can happen…the great danger is to make a political fuss out of a spiritual issue.
    Good Kenyans, can’t we let God alone judge Raila for this? Let his faith be tired and tested with fire, but we can’t assume to be spiitual barometers…surely, can we?
    I am a njaruo by birth, but that shouldn’t make me shout that Raila is now realy man of the book. yet, on the other hand, it pains me to see fellow Kenyans vulify one man for his reasons i have never understood! Can’t we leave this man alone!!!
    Others like Kituyi are self-declared atheist and nobody is speaking…some consult which-doctors and we only joke about them…Now one Raila turns to the LORD and we all throw a tuntrum…kwani you are also Jonas of the careful for the shark might eat you up. You’ve been preaching at Raila, telling him against his “sinfull ways”..He apparently admits and confesses then you scoff at Him…waht do you really want to see with the Son of Nyalego..die a sinner?

  • 4. One who has Jaruo friends  |  April 3, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    I understand the mania/phobia thing, and have no problem with your article at ALL.
    My pick: No, i have no pick. Its just that if i were allowed to vote( which i won’t) i would not vote for Kalonzo, based on what i said b4. But as to who is God’s pick, I DO NOT KNOW AND I HAVE NOT ASKED THE ANOINTER/PICKER OF LEADERS.

    Do i have problems with:
    -MOI- yes, i think he did a lot of evil (or allowed it to be done under his watch) and maintained that he is a christian
    -KIBAKI, not really, but then again maybe( but only because he seems to have wasted a good opportunity to unite the country), otherwise i do not know of any evil he has done (YET)
    -RAIRA: actually i can not think of a reason to dislike him. I do like his energy though and IF he were to be born again( should not every christian rejoice, he might even leave politics alone)
    -TOTAL MAN: i hear he did evil, but it hearsay, i do not know, but i would not mind praying for him to be a christian

  • 5. KA  |  April 3, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    One who has Jaruo friends: Again, thanks for reading.

  • 6. Nancy  |  April 7, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    I am deeply shocked and equally disgusted by your tribalistic, uncouth and parochial view of matters so profound as spirituality.

    What do you mean by JARUO. Are you any better christian because you are KIKUYU.

    We as Kenyans are tired of the Kikuyu chauvinism, greed, abuses and targeted insults such as this on the LUO community.

    I assure you, we are fasting and praying for the KIKUYU community that the eyes of the Lord that moves to and fro the earth looking for a righteous people to bless may equally note the behaviour and attitude of Kikuyus towards other tribes in Kenya.

    We pray that like the Egyptians who persecuted Israelites, Kikuyus may loose their famed “wealth” (mostly ill-gotten) for which they very much despise the”improverished Luos” when the time for the great trek across the Red Sea comes.

    I also pray for YOU, that your eyes be open so that you can develop mentally and spiritually and thus desist from polluting tranquil minds of readers with such nonsense as you have posted herein.

    I cry out for every Luo out there and every Non Kikuyu Kenyan out there to join US in prayer so that the Mighty GOD can break this yoke of Kikuyuism so tightly gripping on our already festered wounds.

    Ever since Kenyatta was president in Kenya; Kikuyu arrogance and spite of the Luo has continued day by day. Moi was only following on the footsteps.

    This Kikuyu attitude will only inspire deep tribal hatred – and I wonder whether you Kikuyus ever learn. Recall the Tutsi – Hutu wars of Rwanda and Burundi – what was the genesis? Was it not this kind of parochial, chest thumping, largely ignorant tribal attitude?

    Kikuyus should be forewarned that it will only be a matter of time before God orchestrates a major Tsunami against them. It is therefore time they repented because the anger of the Lord cannot be assuaged.

    Brother I pray I that God reveals Himself to you, so that you may desist from writing this kind of nonsense.

    Incensed Kenyan

  • 7. KA  |  April 8, 2007 at 8:00 am

    Nancy – I felt your struggles as I read your response. I need you to know that I harbour no ill-will towards the Luo community. A careful reading of the post will have had you notice that it was an attempt to portray the possible, varied responses to Mr. Odinga’s reported spirituality. For purposes of this post, I sought to put myself in the shoes of both those who would stand with Mr. Odinga and those who would oppose him on the same account. For your information, I’m no Kikuyu to have posted thus. Thanks for reading.

  • 8. Onyango  |  April 10, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Guys! Guys! Guys! the lord is the judge of us all. Hold your horses. Soon the chickens will come to roost, and it shall all be heralded from the roof tops.

    We preach the Gospel for all to be saved and not get lost. Salvation is for whosoever believes to even the Jaruos na Okuyus!

    The problem is our failure to use biblical parameters to judge what is wicked as wicked and what is right as right. We always find our views clouded with ou ethnic prejudices.

    we have a problem of forgeting we are christians now and so our paradigm shift demands different view lenses even in politics, traditions, economics, etc, of the 42 plus ethnic groups in our country.

    Nancies views are fair considering that even the late Karisa Maitha echoed the same. But there was not much hulaballoo,i presume becasue he wasnt a ‘jaruo’.

    Yet I find the tightness the jaruos have with the Oguyus to be very enjoyable as the christians intermarry and life is ‘sweet’ with them.

    Peace Guys. if it will take the protagonists between the two to keep Kenya from disaster, so be it. But wickedness is wickedness, irrespective of whoever perpetuate it, whether the kikuyu first or the jaruos second, and then the others whom seem not to see themselves as kenyans.

    My best friends are Oguyus and I enjoy it.

  • 9. Nyamu  |  October 5, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    Guys, i see all of you are making some attempts towards some end! but think about this: try being proud of you milk teeth which are so perfectly white and see how empty that one is OR you can be proud of your dentures and seehow close this one is.
    You can be proud of what you make but cannot be proud of what you are made!


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