“I have heard it too, the quakes will come!”

April 9, 2007 at 9:34 pm 5 comments

the lord has spoken on why this nation of kenya will
face judgement soon
, but the judgement must start in
the house of the lord, these are some of the things
the lord has againts you church of kenya, remember
redemption can sometimes be obtained within the wrath
or judgement og God if the saints cry with dust on
their face and with sacloth.
you have elevated the few superstars in the church,
you follow miracles instead of miracles following you
You have grossly neglected purity and holiness! With
your emphasis upon salvation (regeneration) and heaven
(glorification), you have neglected the truth of
sanctification you have failed to attain consecration.
…Water baptism has been delayed unnecessarily with the
excuse of convenience.
…The Spirit baptism has not been taught nor
…There has been a failure to teach and practice the
continued filling of the Spirit.
…Too little emphasis has been given to brokenness;
humility; having a servant’s heart; repentance and
confession; and thus leading to the sin of pride
…You have substituted magazines, books, tapes,
quarterlies, etc., for the Bible! The Bible in
practicality has become A word rather than THE Word of
God to be obeyed.
…You have been treating the Bible like a cafeteria,
picking and choosing what you like and do not like.
…You are to stop doing so much “talking about the
Word” and begin to “act in faith on the Word”.
Practice it and not just preach it.
…The Lord’s supper has been neglected in worship and
relegated to a quarterly observance instead of being a
vital part of each regular gathering of the assembly
of believers.
…Little or no emphasis has been given to spiritual
warfare, putting on the whole armor of God or knowing
the enemy we are busy chasing after some demon
casters, who have become television stars entertaining
demons instead of casting them out, Jesus did not say
my house shall be ahouse of miracles but prayer.
…There has been a neglect of intercessory prayer and
praying in the Spirit we pray empty prayers that mean
nothing .
…Worship has become a form with little or no power,
joy or praise. It is man-planned rather than Spirit
…You sing about the Lord but not to the Lord.we want
the power of God and not the power with God,
…Worship is performance and spectator oriented.
…Witnessing has become, at best, a program rather than
a life style of “witnessing unto Jesus as you go”.
…You have failed to differentiate between body, soul
and spirit, thus you are not able to cooperate with
God with a life of “yieldedness” in being conformed to
the image of His dear Son.
…Your Biblical priorities have been out of order and
out of balance.
…Family relations have been sorely neglected the
church has become asocial clubhouse with members who
get lectured weekly by an aproffesional idiot wearing
asuit. You have allowed the programs and activities
of the church to literally destroy your homes.
…You have relegated the spiritual instruction of your
children to Sunday Schools and secualr tv programmes,
o rather than to the parents.our children are wearing
tight dresses that show their nakedness, they have
recieved the spirit of harlotry from the world, we
have women wearing slits and mini-skirts that reaveal
their bodies, they are causing men to fornicate even
in the church read mathew 5:28
our pastors have refused to adress this issue because
they do not want to loose tithe and offering, it is
time for the lord to throw out of his house money
changers and powerrangers.
…You have lost sight of the Biblical patterns of
joyful giving and substituted legalism instead, by the
election of treasurers rather than laying gifts at the
feet of apostles and elders to meet needs as they
arisefrom the church instead they eat the gifts.
…Materialism has become your god: buildings, property,
fixtures, furnishings, etc. You have spent lavishly
upon yourselves while the world dies of physical and
spiritual starvation.
…You have allowed your churches and families to
pattern your finances after man’s business procedures
rather than God’s Biblical patterns such as “owe no
man anything but love”.
…You have failed to disciple new believers. You
baptize them and often forget them. They have to do
the best they can on their own.
…You have failed to train every believer in the basics
of “proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom; casting out
demons; healing the sick; ministering in the Word so
that God can confirm with wonders, signs and
…You have neglected to teach your people the authority
that God has entrusted to you in Jesus’ mighty Name.
…You have operated your churches by human talents of
the people rather than by equipping all believers to
minister in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.
…You have depended upon human organizations and
committees rather than upon every believer
discovering, being equipped and ministering their
spiritual gifts in the power of the Holy Spirit.
…You have substituted buildings for the Body concept
of the Church.
…The Church has become a place, location, building,
sanctuary or temple rather than being a people in whom
Christ dwells, called out to assemble from house to
house, as a spiritual family, which is His living
…You have tenaciously hung on to the Old Testament
temple system(buildings) even though you take pride in
thinking that you have loosened yourselves from the
law, the sacrificial system and the priestly patterns.
…You have allowed your limited human resources,
including your finances, to be substitutes for God’s
unlimited resources.you are raising babies and members
and not disciples, you want the crowds but not
…You have neglected your total dependence upon the
Lord for everything, by not walking daily in faith and
by not feasting on daily bread, like the manna of old.
…Democracy, or the rule of the people, has taken the
place of Christocracy, which is the rule of Christ.
…You have organized your churches into officers and
committees, religious wardens and religious police, my
servants have hired bodyguards to protect them
therefore you do not need my angels, instead of
equipping saints to do the work of the ministry.
…You have encouraged spectators rather than
participators in the life of the Church by “hiring” it
done; letting the choir or praise team do the singing;
or the preacher do the witnessing.
…Deacons have too often become church bosses and
business heads rather than Biblical servants of the
…The pastoral role has been reduced to the single
“lone ranger” style ministry rather than Biblical
…The pastor is expected to do the work of all the
saints and to possess all the leadership gifts of the
Spirit in pampering the desires of the people!he
changers diapers for these spiritual babies instead of
the babies growing up,
…The pastor seems only to have the choice of becoming
a slave to every whim of the congregation or being a
dictator-ruler, lording it over the people.
…You have mistakenly looked upon the Church of a city
as churches plural, divided into denominations,
division, splits, etc., rather than upon the Church
singular in the city as one Body even though the
believers may assemble in different locations.
…Denominationalism has contributed to the
fragmentation and schism of the Body of Christ. God
does not see His Body as denominations but rather as a
whole Body we have made christ to become apolygamist
maried to many wives instead of only one wife, even
the church.
…You have become program oriented rather than people
centered in your ministries.
…Your involvement in activities has wrongly been
substituted for and equated with spirituality.
…Politics, back-scratching, going places, climbing the
ladder, are all common place within the local churches
and denominations.
…Your emphasis has deteriorated to “come and hear”
rather than “as you go, witness unto Jesus”.
…You invite people to your classes, programs, to hear
your choirs or preachers, rather than to Jesus.
…Your churches have become human organizations rather
than Divine organisms.
…You have allowed your church rolls to be made up of
the lost, carnal and spiritual alike, under the
mistaken guise, of “letting the tares grow together
with the wheat”, and failing to realize that the
“field” is the world, not the Church.
…You have failed to minister church discipline. You
do not have purity and holiness because you are
afraid of hurting peoples’ feelings or running them
off, that is why you preach comfortable things that
itch their ears.
…You have emphasized the priesthood of believers to
the neglect of the submission to authority. You have
created a people of independent and often rebellious
spirits. Biblical submission has been sadly
…Fellowship has often deteriorated to feasting and
sexual sins rather than sharing in common the Lord
…You have too long rallied around the wrong things
like buildings, programs, pastors, bishops,which is
the usurpation of the pastors authority.
…You have based your fellowship around everything,
except what the Scriptures plainly state in I John
4:15: “Hereby know you the Spirit of God: every spirit
that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh
is of God; and whosoever shall confess that Jesus is
the Son of God, God dwells in him and he in God.”
…You have come to equate success with large numbers
and budgets, neither of which have any basis in
Scripture as evidence of spiritual significance in
God’s eyes.
…You have made “reaching the lost” as the major
purpose of the gathering of the Church in public
assembly, when in fact, the early Church had a balance
of worship, discipleship, equipping and witnessing.
…Witnessing in the early Church took place, not so
much in the assembly, but rather as they went
everywhere “witnessing unto Jesus”.
…Today, there is commitment to the church, pastor,
program or organization rather than to Jesus as Lord.
…You do not have a reverential fear of a Holy God, but
rather a terrifying fear of what men think of you or
say about you.
…You as a pastor are often enslaved by the pressures
and fears you feel from fellow Christians at all
levels of the church and denominational life as to
how you act, minister, respond, whether or not you get
another church, etc., rather than being totally
responsive to the leadership of His Holy Spirit.
…About the only boldness you express today in the
churches is when you do not get your own selfish way
rather than demonstrating a holy boldness in ministry
and witnessing, empowered by the Holy Spirit.
…You are guilty of showing respect of persons who are
not of your own color, race, status; and show
preference toward the rich, influential and powerful.
…Today, even the world senses the urgency of the times
while most of the churches do not have the slightest
inclination about what God is doing prophetically.
…The world is making human preparations for what they
perceive as an uncertain future while the Church,
whose future is certain, is constructing buildings as
monuments to herself.that is why the judgement through
earthquakes must come less you repent,earthquakes are
part of lastday judgements read mathew 24
…Your relationships with your own spiritual brothers
and sisters are shallow and superficial,you love with
your mouth and cant be practical, the church has
become aparched up building built without the help of
the lord, the fivefold misfits of today do not even
know what they have been called to do, that is why
most buildings that will fall during the earthquake
will be churches within the city that do monetary
bussiness in the name of the lord, the lord is
puryfying the church and removing wrong leaders from
the pulpits do not be suprisd if they leave for
politics they must leave for the new priesthood of
samuel to be in place the old priesthood of eli has
failed and compromised and soiled itsel. with little
or no Biblical relationships expressed, such as loving
one another, forgiving, bearing burdens, praying for
one another, confessing faults, etc.
…Churches get pastors from other churches rather than
allowing God to raise up leaders from within the local
church fellowship.we are building on hirelings and not
sons, nowonder we have so many selfmade and selcalled
leaders giving themselves titles, we dont deserve any
title only to be called unworthy slave servants of
…You have not only neglected the plurality of elders
today but you do not think that a church can be
organized without a pastor when in fact the churches
of the New Testament did not always ordain their
pastors with elders/bishops used interchangeably,
until the apostles’ return visits.
…Even the apostles were not always present when some
of the churches were begun, such as in Rome, but later
came on the scene to confirm what the Holy Spirit had
already established.
…Your church organizational age grouping is based on
the worldly standard of separating and segregating
various ages within the church rather than the
Biblical, family oriented ministry which leads to
greater spiritual maturity.

…Programs i.e. the Cooperative Program have often been
made the major point of fellowship rather than Jesus.
boards have replaced the apostolic Church planting,
foundation building and equipping accomplished by
Spirit-gifted apostles, prophets, evangelists, and the
continuing development, equipping and oversight of
local assemblies to be accomplished by the
theological and biblical training has been
substituted for allowing the Holy Spirit to raise the
gifted leaders of apostles, prophets,
evangelists,pastors and teachers and deacons, the
church of kenya is weak it needs acrutch that is why
you have bible schools, if pastors did their part
there would be no need to send people to bible schools
or some theological school of nonsense that trains
arogant and proud people who have alot of knowledge it
puffs up.the church needs reformation that is why
there is prophetic voices crying over the land of
kenya, let us repent, we have loved other foreign
prophets coming and entertaining us instead of
listening to the true prophets, you hate the true
prophets and love the false ones who pleases you with
words that are empty they say peace to you when there
is none,just like the prophet of the lord has spoken
before, ihereby confirm that the lord has shown me
your sins kenya and there is ahuge quake coming, cry
for the nation to change,
this is why the earthquake must come your backsliding
is great kenya repent now.

in his service
prophet Theodore Aluoch


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Azimio la semina elekezi ya Ibilisi “Here is what God has put on my heart concerning Kenya’s govt & Church leaders”

5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. melina  |  April 11, 2007 at 10:52 am

    may i continue to seek the face of God, and i will join you in praying for our church. for too long we have been away from the Lord. sometimes, i just feel that it is hopeless, but i know that we serve a mighty God, one who is able to restore, renew and replenish. I have been reading Revelations 2 and 3, and the different messages that God gives to the different churches. This applies wholly to our churches. Please continue to intercede for us.

  • 2. Tony  |  April 11, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    This message also speaks to the greater Body of Christ in Africa. Indeed, its ramifications spread throughout the whole of Christendom!

    Let us yearn for God’s Ways and truly live by them. Judgement has started and it has started with God’s House – us, His People.

    There is Laodicea everywhere (Rev 3:15-16); therefore must judgement come, so that God will have a pure people to manifest a pure Word to turn around the impurity of the nations.

    All that will be shaken is being shaken. May we hold fast to that which is good!

    Amen Melina. We will continue to seek His Face and intercede.

  • 3. David  |  May 31, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    Let us faithfully examine our hearts and return to our God.Let judgement begin from them that are believers.Jeremiah4:3-4.God bless as we consider true repentance.

  • 4. David  |  May 31, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    Let us examine our hearts and return to the Lord our God.Let judgement start from among believers.Jeremiah4:3-4.God bless as we consider true repentance.

  • 5. n  |  August 21, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    please praye for me??


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