The church puts the sin into single

May 3, 2007 at 11:01 pm Leave a comment

I recently came across this piece in the Sydney Morning Herald.

It advances an interesting view of singlehood say, compared to this other one by Dr. John Piper (with whom I agree on more than an issue).

Piper offers you a survey of Scriptures to help you develop a Biblical theology of singleness.

I thought the SMH piece is a little raw on the edges (doctrine-wise).


  •  A very interesting thing happened a few hours ago.  I was on my way home in this car that was trailling a transami kind of lorry.  We were both doing something like 60 kilometres per hour.  Shock of shocks, some other small car appears out of nowhere, overtakes us and…yeah…overtakes the lorry too.  At the same speed we had been at.  Remember how Khalid Skah was pushing at Richard Chelimo at Barcelona 1992?  Yeah, like that.  I mean, this decent small car (driven by some big shot no doubt) just swerves infront of everyone and overtakes us as if nothing untoward was inherent in this.  The lorry driver kanyagas his breaks hard so as not to kill the small car’s occupants who, after succeeding in their drama, hoot at everyone else, shout obscenities and what not.  “These guys wanted to eat supper with their Maker,” I tell the guy seated next to me, who is hard-put to laugh in the circumstances.  Everyone is mad and wants to have a go at the small car, but it is gone.  I’m not sure it is the holidaying school kids who are behaving this badly.
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