Who is fooling who?

August 30, 2007 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

Israel, we are told, has been handling Khartoum’s Darfur refugee question (yes, folks leave West Sudan, ignore all the other “African” nations in the Horn and the North into the Middle East…largely black Muslims seeking refuge in a Jewish hands…)…other Darfurians are having it worse in Western Sudan and neighboring Tchad…

It now gets interesting….

Sudan, we are told, is offering to handle Iraq’s Palestinian refugee question (widely regarded as a consequence of misguided foreign policies in the fractious Middle East…and particularly seen, the Arab world at least, as testament to Israeli “occupation and brutality”)….

I don’t agree with everything Israel does in the wider scheme of world affairs… I’m too finding it hard  to agree with some of the seemingly benevolent things Sudan is doing….

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Suffering, God’s supremacy All hail Mutua

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