Things before the last

January 9, 2008 at 8:33 pm 2 comments

I have noticed, in my attempts to get up to speed via content in the vibrant Kenyan blogging community, that a group exists online that either prides itself in provoking ethnic bigotry or dampening serious reflection on issues that matter while playing innocent and benign.

A US-based reader of this blog (yes, your IP address, among other interesting stuff I’ve found, gave you away) asks whether am leader enough and whether I would be ready to sacrifice for my country at this moment in time instead of just blogging about it.

Until yesterday, I had not left Cherangany and Trans-Nzoia District / the wider North Rift, something you will possibly not say about some of our public figures who sought refuge for themselves and their families elsewhere as things got nasty there not so long after Kivuitu’s announcement.

At great personal risk (even after I had credible intelligence advising otherwise) I remained with the people, my people, even after they had not elected me to represent them in the 10th Parliament.

Also at great personal risk (and there is recorded audio evidence to back this up), I took a road no one in Cherangany took: I went on radio thrice, between December 1st and 27th, warning against politics of ethnic hatred and violence.

In my personal campaign visits at the time, it will also be confirmed that I told my constituents that I was prepared to lose their votes for the sake of my hard-line stances on, among other things, politics of tribe and such other ills that have brought us where we now are.

When a prominent politician was rigging in broad daylight in Cherangany, I spoke out, – again, on public record.

Credible intelligence as early as late November suggested the foregoing, among other things we have since witnessed, could happen – yet I remained on the ground, did my things right, and have continued to be a voice on things that matter.

With about 35 people in Cherangany reportedly dead so far and over 1,000 houses also torched – nothing could be more important in the rank of things that matter.

There is the obvious peace we must work for, and there is also the justice we should pursue in the complexity of issues and events surrounding the crisis obtaining in the country.

I could go on and on about my past and present contribution to the good Kenya many of us want, but I probably won’t better the very good reportage and analysis I have since witnessed in the Kenyan online community.

I have my own grievances with various people who could have done so much to avert the Kenya we now see, and I remain with serious doubts about some of the beautiful ideas being bandied about by some folks concerning the same.

At present, though, and in light of the various experiences, situations and ideas informing my own context, it behooves me to remain wise with my words.

And let those words remain few too.


1. These are my things before the last. I will let you know my last things and everything else about them when they are ready.

2. Woe unto some who run with some of my raw thoughts, expressed privately or otherwise, thinking they have something solid from me for their masters concerning all this.


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  • 2. mzalendo  |  January 14, 2008 at 4:03 am

    I thank you for your response. It was becoming frustrating to be told how much things are spiralling without any show of leadership. That is what the media does and I expect our leaders to state the problem, the steps they are taking and what a possible solution would be. You’ve probably taken a look at Paza Sauti blog and seen a lot of the opinions we share. I thank you for clarifying what you are doing as we on the outside continue to pray for the country and for the wisdom of those such as you who are in a leadership position.


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