Great expectations, unfulfilled promises

January 22, 2008 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

1.  Great Expectations:  Out of Dickensian England, those folks who eke a living opposite the Norfolk Hotel know what they did last night 10:30 pm onwards cannot compare with anything from the famed writer.  An half-hour pre-match analysis, followed by a lengthy documentary on Kenyan boxing and then some blue nonsense is no live coverage of the Mali versus Benin match.  And there were no apologies.  Shindwe!

2.  Unfulfilled promises:  One hopes Kofi Annan has read this in last week’s edition of the East African and that M7 too has read this other one in this week’s edition.  By the way, I had a spooky dream of M7 last night.  Am no sucker for dreams, but thinking of both the man and the dream this morning, it just reminded me of a line I read in a book in high school a while back…”removing the maiden from her man when the moment of fulfillment has come.”


1.  As a sign of faith in both God and our people’s famed resilience in times of adversity, am not losing faith that we shall pick up our pieces again some time.  Consequently, I have began investing in an important sector of our economy with what I have on me at the moment.  Unique products from Accra, Ghana, are going to be part of the mix even as I introduce our very own stuff those sides.

2.  Am supporting Nigeria in the AFCON.

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Jeremiah 6:14 What a deceptive world where a spade is called a big spoon!

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