Road to Kigali?

January 27, 2008 at 10:31 pm 4 comments

“Last week I was in Thika. Today I just came from Kisumu. The Church is praying at cross-purposes about this crisis. The depth of partiality and anger in the Church is shameful and shocking. Where are the Levites?” – Pr. B.F, Nairobi.

Catching up with some Christian leaders today offered no hope things will get better any soon.

Those who have traveled around the country in recent days have unnerving tales to pass on.

The sum of it all is that Kenya as we knew it is going down the drain, and real fast.

MK is not in control, “duly elected and sworn in” or not.

Much is not reaching you on your television set, radio or the newspaper – much is being omitted / killed, things are not as rosy as the hand-shakes you witnessed last Thursday.

One Church leader says he sees us going worse than Kigali, after which we could emerge again.

Another says we have witnessed two phases of that road to Kigali thus far: Sporadic, spontaneous violence; organized militia groups.

And don’t you be fooled that it is only one party doing this or that.

The third one, he avers, has been ushered in by the militarization of the crisis, – anarchy, he says, is just knocking.

Already there are reports of violent clashes within sensitive sections of some organs of state, as those involved begin taking sides with the protagonists in the crisis.

It obviously will take more than a handshake to resolve it this time round.


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  • 1. acolyte  |  January 28, 2008 at 3:26 am

    It’s sad that so much you have said here is true. From what I can see this situation has grown much larger than the two men.
    Nakuru is burning and I have gotten reports from different sources of mungiki memebers dressed in police uniform and armed attacking outsiders. With the resurgence of mungiki the possibility of peace is growing dimmer and dimmer by the day.
    We need the church to be a beacon now more than ever!

  • 2. wendwa  |  January 28, 2008 at 9:02 am

    That’s what struck me the most about what he said in your quote! That the church cannot even pray in one accord at this crucial time!! Until and unless we unite in prayer, things will just get worse.

  • 3. caro  |  January 30, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    all we should do is pray ..pray and pray ..the church shouldnt be divided and taking tribal sides will worsen things. Am not currently in Kenya but reports have it Church guys in kenya are not in agreement. this then is what i think is the remedy: everyone..not just the leaders should individually pray for their individual sins and the sins of all of us as kenyans. We should look only to JC for our redemption. No offence but not even these guys/mediators flying from across the globe will do us any help. ONLY JC can help us…not annan, not obama or those big dogs…nope…only Crying out to the Lord of Heaven will redeem us.. so lets not waste another moment.. let us all pray to Jesus. Let us stop the slander and pray for our beautiful Kenya and its beautiful people.

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