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February 25, 2008 at 1:32 pm 1 comment

A clergyman friend, whose opinion on the state of the Church in Kenya appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Standard, is now blogging.

He says of his entry into blogging:

This weblog seeks to bring in the voice of the church missing in this influencial medium by exposing the happenings within her and analyzing her response to her dynamic context, as she finds her self in a borderless world aptly stated by Richard O’Brien, the end of geography. Aren’t we now being liberated from religion of holy spaces into life of the Trinity, who in the words of T Radcliff ; “is God, that centre, who is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”?

His blog should be of interest, for the reason that he is a major voice within the Anglican Church of Kenya, if nothing else.

Another friend, whose acquaintance I made in my student days across the pond, has now transformed her daily e-mail devotionals into a weblog after many years.

She is fairly sober on matters doctrinal and quite prayerful too.

Check out both weblogs, and savor their attempts at penetrating popular culture with the credibility of the Gospel of that Gentleman of Galilee.


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  • 1.  |  February 25, 2008 at 7:20 pm


    You forget to mention that the prince/master of this world is himself operating in secret, using proxies. I mean none other than the Prince of darkness himself.

    Let us not forget that the Lord Jesus is King over all, but the world and its systems have been given over to the prince of darkness ( for a season), after which the kingdoms of these worlds will become the kingdom of the Lamb and his bride (then there shall be righteousness)

    Why does it matter? if we know this, we do not get shocked at the evil we see (e.g. in our rulers evil ways). Nor would we labour to try to get the world to live by the the teachings and standards of Christ ( impossible ). We do not spend sleepless nights wondering and scheming of new ways to we can change society for the better ( The old simple method always works: point people to Christ. Period. Other things follow )


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