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*Got this in my mail.

Answer ALL the questions below

NB. Dubbing/rigging will lead to automatic disqualification. Make sure your forms 16A and 16 are checked before you leave the room!
Give two different meanings of the word rigging (2mks)
Question 2
Write an Essay in no more than 200 words on Gitobu Imanyaras visit to State House vividly recalling how the first lady sent him out (20 mks)
Question 3
Mary gave birth to a baby boy and named him KIRAKA after making out with a Kikuyu, Kamba and Luo, What is the meaning of this ACRONYM: KIRAKA
Question 1
With ODM having won 101 parliamentary seats and PNU 45 and ODM-K 16, what is the probability that after tallying ODM got 4.3million votes? (20mks)
Question 2
Two boys, one has six oranges and the other one, what is the probability of the boy with one orange sharing it with 8 others (2mks)
Question 1
Using your pipette determine the PH level in orange as compared to that of the banana? (2mks)
Question 1
Watu watatu (ODM ,PNU, ODM-K) walikua kwa mbio. Mtu yule alikua katika nafasi ya pili alimpita yule alikua katika nafasi ya tatu. Mtu wa pili yuko katika nafasi gani? (Alama 2)
Question 2
Tunga sentensi tano kwa kutumia ngeli ya ‘Rig’. Kwa mfano: Chama cha PNU kilitumia mbinu ya rigging kushinda uchaguzi bandia. (Alama 2)
Question 3
Fupisha sentensi kwa kuondoa maneno ambayo hayatajiki na tumia Kiswahili sanifu
‘Na wale ambao wanachoma nyumba ai jameni, bado tutajenga. Natutazidi kujenga wakichoma. Msije mukafikiria kwamba utachoma nyumba ya mtu nawe utaendelea kuishi, hapana. No way. Na yule anayechoma nyumba za watu huyo ni crazy. Na yule anayemwambia mwengine achome jamani hiyo ni crazyness, no haiwezekani’.Na yule anapiga watu makofi……haaaaapanaaa!! (Alama 10)
Question 1
Calculate the amount of energy in Kilojoules kJ lost in guarding an empty park with 500 policemen at a temperature of 30degrees centigrade (2mks)
Question 2
Calculate the speed of a teargas canister projectile launched somewhere in Kibera at a constant speed of 200miles in 2 seconds use the formula: velocity = distance x time
Question 3
Given the coefficient of friction is 0.09, what is the canisters speed at the base of the incline? (10mks)
Question 1
1. Judas betrayed Jesus as Kalonzo ‘waiper’ betrayed ……………….. (2mks)

General Paper

Question 1
Define mediation…………. (5mks)
Question 2
If PNU and ODM share power,what will become of a VP who is from ODM-K?…………………. (10mks)
Question 3
In simple terms describe Martha Karua…………………. (10mks)


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