The future of freedom in a liberal democracy

April 6, 2008 at 7:49 pm 2 comments

Whether or not Kenya is a liberal democracy any more is a matter we could debate days on end.

Whether, on the other hand, the future of freedom within it is guaranteed is a matter am now getting quite uncertain about.

I got the opportunity to be more uncertain about that today following some developments back home over some twin issues that have concerned me in recent times.

Beyond this blog, I got to make my views on both situations clear through two press releases (appended at the bottom of this post).

Both releases, used by broadcast media back home, are now brewing some controversy.

Apparently the new MP now believes I’m out to fight him.

Today, one of his aides, in conjunction with Sitatunga Location Chief Joseph Wayele, summoned my dad for interrogation on my whereabouts and politics.

This, even while my cellphone line is the most publicly available in the constituency.

It turns out Mr. Wayele had christened the meet a “consultation,” and hadn’t let out what the agenda or the attendance of the “consultation” would be.

The general tenor of the “consultation” is that I should not “fight” the new MP, the CDF committee he has put in place and decisions they are making.

It was also posed by both Mr. Wayele and my MP’s aide whether or not I would be keen on meeting the legislator (the assumption being that I have been speaking out with the hope of being “rewarded” the Kenyan way).

Apart from the illegality of such a “consultation,” the issues raised by myself are matters of public record, and over which there remain serious concerns not addressed thus far by the MP.

The MP is my contemporary (in fact only a year older than I am), and many had expected that he would begin his tenure with a little more grace and sensitivity around issues compared to his predecessor.

The fact that he is also a university graduate (political science) had also made some of us believe that we would be dealing with a more open-minded leader.

I’m beggining to question all this, even as I contemplate the future of personal freedom (and security) in such circumstances.

A.O.B 1: March 30th press release

Kiongozi wa Chama Cha Uzalendo katika eneo bunge la Cherangany Bwana Jesse Masai amependekeza kugawanywa kwa eneo bunge hilo ili kuhakikisha usawa katika shughuli za maendeleo.

Bwana Masai amesema idadi ya wakazi wa eneo hilo imeongezeka tofauti na miongo miwili iliyopita, na mahitaji yao kuwa mengi na tofauti pia kwa muda huo.

Wakati huo huo, Bwana Masai amesema hatua ya hivi majuzi ya mbunge wa eneo hilo kuhamisha afisi za mbunge na hazina ya maendeleo toka Chebarus hadi Kachibora itapanua pengo kati ya tajiri na maskini Cherangany.

Bwana Masai alisema kuwa tofauti na Chebarus, Kachibora ipo mwisho wa upande mmoja wa Cherangany, na itawagharimu wananchi wengi hela na muda mwingi ili kuweza kunufaika na huduma za afisi hiyo.

Bwana Masai alisema hatua hiyo itawafaa wachache na ni kinyume na sera maarufu ya ugatuzi wa mamlaka na rasilmali, na kuwataka wananchi wahusike katika uamuzi wa ni wapi asasi muhimu za serikali zitakuwa katika eneo hilo na Trans-Nzoia nzima kwa ujumla.

A.O.B 2: April 2nd press release

Kiongozi wa Chama Cha Uzalendo katika eneo bunge la Cherangany Bwana Jesse Masai amependekeza kutungwa upya kwa kamati ya hazina ya maendeleo ya eneo hilo.

Bwana Masai amesema orodha ya kamati iliyotungwa na mbunge wa sasa haizingatii sura ya mchanganyiko wa jamii zinazoishi Cherangany.

Orodha kutoka kwa afisi kuu ya hazina hiyo jijini Nairobi yaonyesha kuwa kumi na tatu kati ya maafisa kumi na tano wa hazina hiyo wanatoka katika jamii moja.

Bwana Masai alisema mbunge wa sasa ana jukumu la kuhakikisha kuwa hazina hiyo haifaidi jamii moja au marafiki na jamaa zake pekee.

Kiongozi huyo pia alisema kuwa uwazi na uwajibikaji katika usimamizi wa mifuko mbalimbali ya eneo hilo itakuwa muhimu haswa kutokana na hali ngumu ya maisha inayowakumba wananchi wengi kufwatia zogo lililofwatia uchaguzi wa mwaka uliyopita.


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  • 1. ommotto  |  April 9, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    I saw the fellow blowing trumpets on NTV mjue mbunge wako last week. Always stand for the truth. The dragons of corruption are bound to kick back in defense of status quo… the more these things seems to change the more they remain the same

  • 2. dk88  |  December 24, 2008 at 7:28 am

    Naaaaaaaaaaaam! mapambano!!!!!


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