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Theodore Aluoch: “What God has told me about Annan deal”

The lord speaks to this Nation again, that it is not time to relax and enjoy some fruits of mans agreements, the lord spoke very clearly that the ODM was endorsed by him, mandated by him to lead this Nation he did not say that they were to share it with coalition this coalition is mans plan the lord had already declared Mr. ODinga as his choice to lead this Nation, therefore there is no deals to divert the word of the lord,

 The word of the lord will come to pass, he will not have nothing but his word coming to pass, the agreements will fail paving away to the fresh presidential elections and Mr. Odinga will win and become the president fulfilling his prophecy his word over this Nation, he watches over his word to perform it, I want to say that the lord has spoken clearly that the plans of kofi annan are a man’s way, the ways of the lord are higher than those of men, which are carnal plans that do not come from the lord JESUS, he will not approve the plans of men his will must come to pass over this Nation, he spoke a word to this Nation and the word was that Raila was the next president of Kenya but some tried to sweep the truth under the carpet with some simple agreements that have not been approved by the lord the peace that is there now is temporary Kenya you must learn to stay on your knees praying, the agreement  Between Kibaki  and Raila will not last long it will fail and you will see it on TV.

Kibaki will be ousted through the constitutional changes, he will not finish his term thus says the lord, I will bring my purposes to pass quickly, Raila is being taken for a ride he is being enticed but there is a plot to loot the funds and corrupt deals to own infrastructures and institutions for evil purposes, the lord is warning Kenya not to invest on the IPOS, you will lose your money and will mourn your loss, do not invest on the Safaricom IPOS, there is evil motives within a few people who want to misappropriate funds the lord has told me to warn you Christians who will go ahead to invest you will lose your money, the whole thing will collapse like a sack of beans,

Greed to make money has come upon you, you want to serve mammon Kenya you have chosen greed for money to drive you, you will get a lot of money and die without enjoying it , you cannot serve me and  serve money too, choose today who you will serve.

Do not look to men Kenya look to the lord YESHUA.

He will curse this land and bring upon it plagues and famine after this flood, your stubborn hearts will break, will bring upon you confusion, those ministers of the gospel who have gone to politics I will remove my glory from them they will continue to be wealthy but I will not let them have my power anymore, they will use the oils and handkerchiefs and there will be nothing I will deflock them, and I will raise for myself priest after my own heart, they will worship me in truth, watch as I raise anew church within this land, they will be fearless, they will be terrible, you can call them fundamentalist, they are my radicals to bring forth my glory, have made you blind Kenya that I may lead you into the pit and teach you lessons, your leaders have professions of mouths about me but the don’t know me they know about me but they don’t know me, am now releasing my judgments on the gospel perverts they will all vanish am now releasing my judgments on those evil leaders within this government who have soiled there garments and those who have blood on their hands, how long will you hide in your sins your sins will soon find you out  REPENT WHILE YOU CAN MY ANGER STILL BURNS IAM THE CONSUMING FIRE SAYS THE LORD.




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