Value Voters’ Summit: Day 2

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*Live updates by the minute.

Fireproof rocked last night.

I suggest you watch it when it is finally released later this month. 

I missed Bill Bennet speaking this morning, but am in for the rest of the schedule.

I hear he spoke pretty well.

He served as Secretary of Education in the Reagan administration. 

He has an interesting book out there on America’s history – The Last Best Hope, he calls it.

If I get a copy of his remarks, you certainly will have them here. 

Former GOP presidential nominee Gary Bauer just finished talking too – another review of America’s present circumstances and an attempt to project its future in light of a McCain candidacy. 

He has a way with words, he is a politician’s politician. 

Lila Rose, a young student, is giving a presentation about Planned Parenthood, and its “genocide against blacks.” 

She is white, and has been involved in “creative extremism” against PP for some while. 

She then plays an undercover clip from a PP centre.

Sean Hannity of FOX is on the stage.

Thanks audience for making his show one of the best in the country.

Jokes that would like to go hunting with Palin (if you recall the story of Cheney hunting). 

Jokes about recent troubles at MSNBC.

Mocks Obama, calls him Apollo for the style around the Denver Convention, and what he calls his “socialized” politics.

Goes further and says 2008 is the year journalism died in the United States, suggesting that the media has been too lenient towards Obama. 

Suggests that Obama is a reincarnation of Carter, with “dangerous liberalism.”

Rehashes GOP line that all the experience Obama has is “community organizer.” 

He is working up the crowd. 

It would seem to me that he is responding to Bill Clinton’s glowing remarks about Obama’s candidacy Thursday in New York.

Talks about an Obama brother in Nairobi – it has been doing the rounds here for some while via viral e-mails.

Says Obama cannot be a brother’s keeper in the US if he cannot fend for that Obama on the outskirts of Nairobi, whom he says is living on less than a dollar a month.

Declares that he is offering him US$1,000 right away, and will give an additional US$10,000 via his TV show on Fox.

It is not the first time am seeing Obama’s Kenyan connection being – for lack of a better word – interrogated. 

Hannity has an axe to grind against Obama – says Obama has attacked him by name a number of times.

Same with Obama’s surrogates, he says.

He has stacked up a whole range of quotes by Obama.

He attacks viciously.

Goes on to say he will host Palin on his radio show Tuesday, and TV show Wednesday.

Ends by saying the Republican party is on a resurgence after mistakes in recent years.

Gets a standing ovation.

A forum follows on the civil right to life.

Dr. Alveda King – niece to the more famous MLK – has spoken on why she opposes abortion (says she had two herself, and one miscarriage).

Bishop Harry Jackson comes on, reviews the King legacy in light of Scripture.

Speaking for himself, he says he is a Christian first, anything else (e.g conservative) second. 

He suggests that he detests irreligious conservatism.

He was more of a preacher than a politician.

He has an interesting book out there, called Personal Faith, Public Policy.

Alan Sears is on now.

He is talking about the ACLU and what he considers to be its strange kind of and vision for America.

Says he is leading a battle against the ACLU, and considers it a succesful one so far.

Conservatives in Holywood made the afternoon interesting, foremost being Ken Wales (producer of Amazing Grace, who says he is now working on a sequel to Chariots of Fire).

People are breaking out into seminar tracks for topical discussions on select issues.

I think the breakouts will be the last major event of the day. 

If you are an American conservative, you will not be too displeased with events so far.

A Kenyan friend tells me the audience might be deluded to think the rest of America is with them.

He says this is Obama’s and the Democrats’ year.

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