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Mene, mene, tekel peres for the Church in Kenya

The Christian consensus in Kenya – be it in the NCCK or the Kenya Church – is in a serious intergrity and credibility crisis and, I’m afraid, few beyond those who gravitate around them are listening to them during these difficult hours for our country.
I have my ears on the ground concerning both sides; I’ll be the last person to celebrate when they advise the President / his government on anything. 
Only A FEW of them can advise the President on GRAFT / TRIBALISM without batting an eye-lid, and he knows it!
While crucial in the corruption, governance and review agenda / debate of our country; the Christian consensus in our country – at least in so far as it can be considered as such through its current crop of leadership – is a serious matter for prayer on its own. 
When some known clergymen can consider snuffing life out of their fellow clergymen or ordinary believers for their perceived loyalty or opposition to the government of the day, then we have a serious problem indeed. 
The pride of life and other trappings of this life has the focus of several of the men and women of the cloth on anything but Christ and the good of this country at heart in so far as the current corruption and governance debate is concerned. 
Yet I believe God still has a faithful remnant scattered around our country and outside it who labour in prayer, coupled with faithful and obedient living each day, often at great personal cost. 
We would be short-sighted to not see the quiet, sometimes painful revival in the Body of Christ in Kenya; God is sifting His people for new challenges in our generation, with emerging, young, Godly leaders within it and in various spheres of public life. 
As an ordinary mwananchi and as a believer with a fairly good grasp of the Christian landscape in Kenya, I’ll say we are not out of the woods just yet! 
God, in His loving kindness, will preserve and sustain Kenya not because of those who are doing some un-printable things in His name and convening seminars / calling press conferences to advise the country on the way forward, but inspite of them. 

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Interview: Uganda latest…on a see-saw….un-edited….

Kenyananalyst: Who is losing?
NMA (not real name): both
NMA: its 50 /50
Kenyananalyst: Who is likely to lose?
NMA: besigye
Kenyananalyst: ?
Kenyananalyst: How?
NMA: coz museveni will rig
NMA: definatly
Kenyananalyst: Hasn’t he already, the say?
NMA: they say he has
NMA: but tonight will tel it all
Kenyananalyst: Phew!
NMA: So u r a Besigye guy?
NMA: phew!
NMA: there might be chaos
NMA: i would support besigye because of africa
NMA: an ddemocracy and how
NMA: dictators should leave
Kenyananalyst: Interesting.
NMA: yeah
Kenyananalyst: I’m getting conflicting reports from BBC, Monitor online, New Vision Online, etc.  I don’t know who 2 trust execept for pple like u wu r already there.
Kenyananalyst: At least other frnds I kno there have echoed your sentiments.
NMA: but we pray that our Father above will protect us.
Kenyananalyst: So wat is it abt the current political heat that strikes you big time?
NMA: the fact that justice doesnt happen
NMA: besigye has majority
NMA: but he just wont win
NMA: i do pitty al the work
NMA: put into this gtreat venture of freeing uganda
NMA: but i guess the opotion will have to strengthen its forces
NMA: fo rnext elections
NMA: secondly
NMA: with the comin opf museveni
NMA: i thnk donors and worldbank an dkind will ration thier aid to ug
NMA: just like when moi came beack
NMA: back
NMA: so it will spoil for them
Kenyananalyst: Do you think the popultion is ready to stand with or against M7 if he is declared the winner?
NMA: he has the army
NMA: the army is museveni
NMA: remember he alitoa
NMA: obote
NMA: he has loyal army so what the population feels doesnt matter
Kenyananalyst: You ain’t reading the same script as other pessimists, are you?
NMA: why?
Kenyananalyst: Those who believe things can now only go downhill in Ug, whoever wins.
NMA: not quiet
NMA: museveni
NMA: and his army
NMA: noi dont think so
NMA: he will take cahrge and there wil be peace by force
Kenyananalyst: How has the country’s Christian leadership conducted itself prior to and during the polling? How significant is their voice in this matter?
NMA: christianity
NMA: chrisianity in Uganda
NMA: isnt what can matter
NMA: i tend to think in uganda
NMA: things happen in extreme.
NMA: trust me i am yet to find a sound church.
NMA: its mostly phanatical
NMA: hence
NMA: reson if hard
Kenyananalyst: Fanatical – jst wat do u mean by that?
NMA: its extreme kind of a thing
NMA: such as no putting trousers to church
NMA: and it cna be hypocritical
NMA: an dso money minded like teh nigeria churches
Kenyananalyst: Is that your way of saying “Pentecostal?”  I’m not one, bt I’m a believer, so u can lay it all down here ๐Ÿ™‚
NMA: penteconstal is a moderated trype of christiianity
Kenyananalyst: Moderated – ?
NMA: henc enot what is here
NMA: that aside
NMA: the church has been praying
NMA: at least the fellowship I’m in.
NMA: moderated
NMA: in that
NMA: it steh grace of Gdo that rules
NMA: not the law or what religion expecsts
Kenyananalyst: Amen.  Howz the civil society handling these developments?
NMA: its confused
NMA: the other day
NMA: the artoney general was taking the governemnt to court
NMA: talk of confusion within a system
NMA: isnt he the governmnet
NMA: just hwo can the governemtn take the govenrmten
NMA: to a court ran by the government
Kenyananalyst: Yeah, that’s crazy (although one wishes that would happen in Kenya)……..I meant the NGOs…hw r they handling themselves now?
NMA: ooohh that
NMA: dont know muhc
NMA: And howz the average mwananchi taking it?
NMA: now
NMA: thats teh other issue
NMA: Ugandans are generally passive
NMA: some just feel its doesnt matter
NMA: or they have given up
NMA: while soem few strongl beleive
NMA: in either museveni or besigye
NMA: of course depending on who they supprt
NMA: trust me they are damn passionate about their leaders
Kenyananalyst: Are u saying Kenyans aren’t?
NMA: kenyanas are resonble
NMA: and politicaly mature
NMA: in that
NMA: they keep check and are upto date
NMA: further more
NMA: the media in kenya have politicals in one of its main agenda
NMA: unlike uganda
NMA: you are
NMA: aware that
NMA: romance, love, relationship takes up more than  three quaters of
NMA: ugandas media
NMA: to an exent ponographic newspapres are sold on the streets
NMA: along side well credible papers such as Daily nation
Kenyananalyst: Red Pepper….& Co…
NMA: and etc, so many of them
Kenyananalyst: Your vibe on Ug’s obsession with relationships is strikingly accurate frm my readings, bt don’t u think it’s overly critical coming from a woman like u?
NMA: Wmen r supposed to feel good abt such trash, right?
NMA: no its not
NMA: its a common feeling held by many
NMA: even acadenicainans read such papers in the open
NMA: the registra the proffesors
NMA: etc
NMA: just how do brains
NMA: of the country fall into suhc trap
NMA: i am a woman but i beielve
NMA: such content is scandalous
Kenyananalyst: Tell that to your other sisters around the world
NMA: hahhah
NMA: why the many questions?
NMA: I’m a scribe, remember?  I wasn’t given the powers to read and practice for nothing “-)
NMA: hahaha
NMA: By the way, do you mind if I share this conversation with other folks who are interested in election developments there and who are also praying abt it?
NMA: no problem
NMA: conditon that you keep me anonymous
NMA: museveni i sno joker he kills
NMA: so i dont want to be a victim
NMA: cought up in thier p[olitics
Kenyananalyst: cool
NMA: by tonight we will know who has won anyways

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Please pray with us in Uganda


Today is a special day for Uganda: lines are organized, papers are checked, thumbs are inked, and ballots are counted. We are electing a President for the next 5 years.

This is a crititcal time for the future of Uganda. There has previously been some violence during campaiging and people fear the worst afterward. The Christian community here is asking the world to stand with us in prayer for peace and God’s divine appointment.

Please join Uganda in prayer:

Father you are with us in Uganda
Your name must be glorified
May Your Kingdom come
and Your will be done as we elect our Leader.
Provide everything that we need for today
that we will depend completely on You.
Forgive our corruption as we forgive our opponents
Lead us not into armed conflict
but deliver us into peace
For you hold all the kingdoms, glory and power forever and ever.

Thank you for your prayers for us. We so desperately love Uganda and want to see Christ continue to be glorified here in individuals lives. We are ready for whatever His will is for us.

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The Mary Wambui question: Aaah Mutua….

Aaah Mutua, within hours of my liking your press release on graft you’ve taken away my cheerleading ๐Ÿ™‚ with your latest on Wambui.
The moment Kibaki turned his family woes into a national issue he invited journalists to not only write about his personal life but also speculate about it in the days that have followed.
Kibaki’s press release of denial was nothing but a PR fiasco.
The same would go for Lucy’s and Wambui’s public shadow-boxing with each other ever since.
I doubt the media will cease speculating on the First Family’s affairs now that you have “asked” them to.
The same applies to the terminologies that you say have been coined to describe the persons and groups of persons that have been considered as to be the prime political brokers in the Kibaki administration. 
You’ve called it all lies; I would have let it go if it was someone else saying it.
But since you are speaking for the Government, and since you are convinced you have the might of the truth on your side on this one, why not sue everyone who has been maligning the First Family and its friends?
I was just wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

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Mr. Mutua, this is the best press release I have seen from you in ages :-) !

Wananchi have been asking the Government to act on allegations of corruption. Now the Government has embarked on a legal and transparent process to bring to book all those that investigations point at.

As a result, some people have started saying that the Government is conducting witch-hunting and bias in its fight.

Others have started telling concocted stories that are inaccurate. Some are asking that we only take action on Anglo Leasing. Some of these people know they are implicated in other corrupt activities and are trying to pre-empt action that will be taken against them.

The Government would like to make it clear that:

  1. It will continue to investigate and make public the results of its investigations into corruption.

  2. No one will be discriminated against because it does not matter as to when you engaged in corruption, you committed an offense against the people of Kenya. It does not matter what your tribe is, what your profession is, what your political standing is. If you have stolen, prepare for jail.

  3. Some of the people making the loudest noise on witch-hunting have skeletons in their cabinets and these will be revealed as investigations intensify ย– a thief is a thief, whether driving an expensive car, living in a grand home or in a slum.

  4. Kenyans have asked the Government to fight corruption. Do the people of Kenya want us to fight corruption or not? If they want us to, then they should not pay attention to people who are getting scared that they will be caught and who are trying to politicize and deflect the fight.

  6. It does not matter when you stole, in Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, in land grabbing or other recent and specific corrupt activities and shoddy deals in Government Ministries

The signs of corruption are all around us. For example, we have roads that are built, and in a short time, theyย’re full of potholes. Those involved in such shoddy deals will have to pay for it. The people of Kenya want the truth, justice and their money back. This, the Government will get for them.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

February 19, 2006

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The Anglo Leasing debate: The way I see it

The way I see it, the current cry in the country isn’t necessarily for Mr. Jones or Napoleon & Co. (including other political pigs – on both sides of our political divide – who have, conveniently, excused the ills and excesses of the “revolution”) to leave the farm but for there to be a re-birth of the nation, probably with an entirely new leadership. 
Those among us seeing the on-going national travails / birth-pangs as a war on Kibaki or the Kikuyu community have missed the point entirely, for neither KANU nor LDP (for whom it’s supposed some of us often speak) stand any better chance in the ring this time round. 
And by this I don’t mean to speak for any “Third Force” – all I’m saying is that “mjinga” (Wanjiku) ameerevuka, hivi “mwerevu” (the political elite and its hangers-on on both sides of the divide) yu mashakani. 
An understanding of the multi-faceted nature of the current corruption debate is a pre-condition for the formulation of an effective idea on the way forward.
Such a formulation would place corruption in a historical and contemporary context, with a particular appreciation of the fact that the citizenry has CHANGED, we are not the same voters that would painstakingly vumilia in the past!
It’s worth noting that the “fundamentalism” we are witnessing in the defenses by both the government and the opposition of their positions in the current debate has acquired a more pronounced political edge as their national fortunes decline dramatically in the face of an increasingly aware and skeptic public.   
This brand of political manouvering has been manifest in the words and deeds of our state and non-state actors over the past few days and, in my view, sporadic shadow-boxing by some folks in some fora. 
The West might not be the paragon of private and public morality in several respects, but it stands as an illustration of the reality that Wanjiku’s so-called activism in the war against graft and other government excesses can be a constructive regime-changing / stabilizing force. 
True, the West is not best but much of the West has found a balance between personal interests (on the part of their countries’ leaderships, as some would have us see in the Kenyan context) and genuine public sensibilities.

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By EDWIN GICHANGI (as an e-mail forward to this site)
One day there was a guy who was driving to a nearby town.
He was in a hurry, so he took a back road to get there faster, when all of a sudden his car broke down.
A nearby farmer saw him stranded so he invited him to stay the night.
He said, “The only bed I have that you can sleep in is with my daughter, but if I catch you fooling around with her I’ll shoot you”.
“To make sure that you don’t I’m going to put some eggs between both of you and if they are broken in the morning then you are going to die”.
So the guy agreed.
In the middle of the night the girl wanted to get it on so they did.
In the middle of the skir mish they broke all of
the eggs.
The guy didn’t want to get shot so he cleaned up the mess and glued the egg shells back together.
In the morning the farmer came into his daughter’s room and found that all of the eggs were still intact.
The farmer was so happy that he invited the guy to have breakfast with him.
So he gathered up all of the eggs and took them to the kitchen. He cracked the first one open and nothing was inside it.
He cracked the second one and still nothing and so on.
When he found out that all of them had nothing in them he grabbed his shotgun and ran outside.
He opened the chicken shed door and yelled out “ALLRIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU ROOSTERS HAS BEEN USING CONDOMS?!?”
*Editor’s note:  Edwin, in my college days, when we would sometimes suffer from water-shortages, some wags would put up jokes on our newsroom computer that the men among us should go share bathrooms with our neighbours’ daughters.  I didn’t.  I hope and pray you don’t either, wherever you are!  Don’t for your own sake and that of the God who made you! 

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